Traffic and Parking Enforcement Vehicles

TES CCTV enforcement vehicles are in use every day assisting local authorities to manage traffic flow, enforce parking regulations and promote road safety.

There are five generations of vehicle currently available each one with more features and extended capabilities from the last one.

Key Features

Compact CCTV Enabled vehicles supporting:

  • GEN I   : Attended enforcement mode
  • GEN II  : Attended and Unattended enforcement modes
  • GEN III : Developed to help councils enforce the Workplace Levy Scheme
  • GEN IV : Attended and Unattended and Spotter enforcement modes
  • GEN V*  : Attended and Unattended and Spotter enforcement modes
  • GEN VI : Unattended amd Spotter modes

*GEN V features built in touchscreen and roof mounted PTZ, so that all seats can be utlised in the vehicle.

**GEN VI is an ANPR only system designed specifically for Spotter Mode

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly compact vehicles.
  • Feature rich system.
  • Remote system support direct to vehicle via 3G / 4G
  • Interfaces to all major back offices.
  • Fixed price long term rental agreements available for CCTV Vehicles and Equipment (includes maintenance and support).
  • VCA Approval.

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