TES Twizy

The TES Bike has been developed as a compact mobile ANPR enforcement platform that can be used on-street or in car parks where the larger CCTV vehicles cannot be easily or safely deployed.

The ANPR system alerts the Civil Enforcement Officer / Rider when it spots a vehicle in potential contravention. The Civil Enforcement Officer / Rider then can either safely stop the bike and process the contravention or send the details on to another Civil Enforcement Officer for action.

Key Features

  • 3 wheel ‘trike’ for extra stability on road.
  • Automatic CPZ enforcement using ANPR and GPS
  • White lists for authorised vehicles, black lists for wanted or repeat offenders.
  • Patrol zones that are Permit, Pay & Display or Cashless parking controlled. Using GPS, the TES Cap software automatically polls authorised vehicle lists as it approaches a controlled parking zone. Any potential contraventions are flagged up to the rider.
  • Remote support directly to TES Bike via 3G.
  • Full integration with the Compliance Display Map.
  • Evidence packs downloaded via USB flash drive.

Key Benefits

  • On board ANPR system makes Civil Enforcement Officer’s more efficient so that they can enforce larger areas than they would on foot.
  • Decreases contravention detection times.
  • Operates on street and in car parks.
  • Civil Enforcement Officer on bike can process detected contraventions or choose to send the details via CDM on to another Civil Enforcement Officer for action.
  • Fixed price long term rental agreements available for CCTV Vehicles and Equipment (includes maintenance and support).

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