TAIS PCN Issuing App

  • With the TAIS Application you can issue notices from a smart phone using enforcement data captured by TES Cars and Bikes in spotter mode, or manually process any contravention.

Key Features

  • Use enforcement data captured from TES ANPR Vehicles to process contraventions
  • Use the smart phone camera to read vehicle number plates using built in ANPR.
  • Permit Verifier function - uses ANPR to check a VRM for a valid permit, cashless or P&D session.
  • Manually issue and print a notice for any contravention.
  • Manage multiple observations simultaneously, alerts when an observation period has expired.
  • Contraventions and Suffixes, Street / car park and vehicle make, colour can be selected from a customizable list.
  • Valve position recording.
  • Record written notes.
  • Ticket Destination Flag - windscreen, handed to driver etc. (customizable).
  • Record checks - e.g. vehicle attended, breakdown, spoke to driver etc. 
  • Time and date stamped photographic and video evidence.
  • Warning notice function.
  • In App messaging system integration available.
  • Full audit trail (log in, log off etc.)
  • Print notice data to customer specified PCN roll using a standard Bluetooth belt printers.
  • Phones tracked on Compliance Display Map in realtime using GPS.
  • Full back office integration using the TAIS Server.
  • Code Red Emergency Function via CDM.

Key Benefits

  • Manage all on street enforcement activities using one device.
  • Process any contravention with this full notice issuing application.
  • Full integration with CDM and the TES Enforcement Vehicle Range.
  • Lower cost of ownership than traditional Hand Held computers.
  • Notice data and evidence transferred in real time via 3/4G.
  • Works with any approved Windows or Android Phone*
  • System agnostic TAIS server can be configured to work with any back office API.

        *Android due Q4 2017

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Download product sheet here.

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