Review Client

The TES Review Client is a desktop application that allows timestamps and evidence packs downloaded from TES CCTV/ ANPR vehicles and Fixed Camera systems to be reviewed and approved prior to being sent to the notice processing system to initiate issue of a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).

Key Features

  • Multiple users with individual logins.
  • Upload video timestamps generated by TES Enforcement Vehicles or Attended Capture Terminals.
  • Upload evidence packs generated by TES Enforcement Vehicles.
  • Review evidence from attended and unattended enforcement.
  • Manually assign contravention codes to attended enforcement contraventions.
  • Evidence can be filtered by time, date, month and year.
  • Search by vehicle registration or unique ID.
  • Select still images for inclusion on PCN.
  • Add data fields for PCN e.g. VRM, Make, Color.
  • Easy to use image pixelation tool.
  • Ability to crop video footage as required whilst retaining original data.
  • Easy to use image and video pixelation tools.
  • Build in work assignment tool.
  • Comprehensive reporting tool.
  • Full audit trail maintained.

*Evidence packs must be encrypted and decrypted using a special encryption key tool provided by TES.

Key Benefits

  • Full integration with TES Enforcement Vehicles or Attended Capture Terminals.
  • Improved efficiency with the ability to upload, assign, review and issue a PCN all in one package.
  • Server based system, multiple clients can access data.
  • Client access from any approved web browser.
  • Interfaces with most major back offices allowing efficient PCN generation.
  • Improved productivity and workflow management.
  • DPA compliant.
  • VCA Manufacturers Approval.

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Download product sheet here.

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