Small Blue

The TES Small Blue is unattended enforcement camera system that is used to automatically enforce Bus Lanes and Bus gates and Moving Traffic Contraventions.

TES Small Blue sends encrypted evidence using wireless transmission over the 3G/4G network to a control centre where it can be processed by an operator using a compatible Review Client such as TES Review. 

Evidence of verified contraventions can then be transferred to a Notice Processing system for further action.

The Small Blue combines a powerful HD Camera with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to provide reliable high quality video evidence. The complete camera system is compact and unobtrusive and is easily mounted on suitable existing street furniture, buildings or a dedicated CCTV post and only requires a 240V power connection to operate.

Key Features

  • Unattended enforcement of Bus lane, SKC and MTC contraventions.
  • Uses HD Camera and ANPR engine to identify vehicles in contravention and capture video evidence. 
  • Day / Night Operation.
  • Wireless 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi transfer of encrypted evidence to TES Review.
  • Multiple Authorised Lists.
  • Remote on screen, camera adjustment and enforcement zone and schedule configuration.
  • Multiple Lane Support.
  • Multiple contravention support.
  • Integrated Air Quality Monitor solution.
  • Weatherproof plastic enclosure for evidence unit.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient enforcement of Bus Lanes and Moving Traffic Contraventions in one package
  • Easy installation, camera and evidence processor only requires mains power.
  • Flexible purchase or rental options available.
  • VCA Approved.

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