Compliance Display Map

Compliance Display Map (CDM) is the TES award winning "patent pending" cloud based application that uses GPS tracking and 3/4G based technology to help manage parking and traffic enforcement activities. The TES CCTV vehicle and Civil Enforcement Officers Hand Held Computer or Smart Phone are registered with Compliance Display Map so they can be tracked by the system using GPS.

Using GPS the TESCap software in the TES CCTV vehicle automatically polls the authorised vehicle lists as it approaches a controlled parking zone. The ANPR cameras read the number plates of vehicles parked on route and any potential contraventions are flagged up and sent to the TES Compliance Display Map server.

The Compliance Display Map web service identifies the Civil Enforcement Officer closest to the potential contravention and sends them a map, an image of the vehicle and the street details straight to their hand held computer or phone for action.

Key Features

  • All ANPR vehicles and handhelds or phones registered with the system are displayed on the map showing the area covered by that device.
  • The CDM system utilises the Google Maps API.
  • Controlled Parking Zones can be created and enforcement areas mapped to bay level by using the built in CDM tools or by importing pre-existing GIS mapping data (polygons) into the system.
  • Polygons are automatically downloaded to the ANPR Vehicles by the CDM server.
  • Potential contraventions can be filtered according to their status.
  • Automatically or manually assign jobs to a Civil Enforcement Officer or an ANPR Vehicle.
  • A CDM operator can use the Job Cleaner Tool to review pending jobs, a further permit / payment check can be made in real time, CDM can interface to most major permit, cashless payment and Pay & Display systems.
  • Route Tracking - ANPR vehicles and Civil Enforcement Officer’s routes can be tracked in real time on the CDM map.
  • Full reports based on live or historic data, real time heap maps for compliance hot spots.
  • VRM Search facility - identify frequent offenders.
  • CDM is fully integrated with the TAIS PCN Issue Application.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances the performance of CCTV vehicles by quickly identifying levels of non compliance.
  • Instant visibility of the traffic / parking enforcement operation in real time.
  • Fully hosted cloud based system, access from any approved web browser.
  • No hidden costs.

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