Civil Enforcement Agency Vehicles

The new TES wanted vehicle detection solution for Civil Enforcement Agencies is based on the tried and tested TESCap mobile CCTV / ANPR technology in daily use by local authorities and the police across the UK.

The ANPR equipment is built, installed and configured for use in a medium size van which not only provides the perfect platform for Civil Enforcement operations but also allows for a Rapid Deployment Vehicle Transporter option to be fitted meaning Civil Enforcement Agencies can carry out vehicle detection and removal in one operation.

Key Features

  • ANPR detection of  ‘wanted’ vehicles.
  • GPS tracking of ANPR vehicles and Civil Enforcement Teams.
  • TESCap software automatically sends wanted vehicle details and location to the TES web-based Compliance Display Map application (CDM).
  • Wanted vehicle details including a location map are sent to the nearest available Civil Enforcement Agents smart phone for action.
  • Rapid Deployment Vehicle Transporter option available.

Key Benefits

  • Wanted vehicle details are processed quickly improving efficiency.
  • Civil Enforcement Agents are directed to the exact location of wanted vehicles.
  • Real time updates of the wanted vehicle list are sent direct to the ANPR vehicle.
  • Geographic patrol zones can be configured within CDM to control when and where ANPR is in use, vehicles and Civil Enforcement Agents can be tracked centrally using GPS.
  • Fixed price long term rental agreements available for ANPR Vehicles and Equipment (includes maintenance and support).
  • Detect and tow all in one operation.

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