• Process potential contraventions detected by TES GEN4/5 Vehicles connected to Compliance Display Map.
  • Allows phones to be tracked on Compliance Display Map in real time using GPS.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows Phone and Google Android operating systems.


  • A handheld ANPR system that enables enforcement teams to check vehicles that are parked in a place where the CCTV vehicles cannot easily read the number plate.

Review Client

  • The TES Review Client enables a comprehensive review of video evidence prior
    to issue of a notice with the ability to integrate with most back-office systems.
  • Compatible with all TES enforcement vehicles and fixed camera systems. 

TES Attended Capture Terminal

  • A digital video recorder system that connects to existing CCTV camera networks to provide a simple and easy to use recording solution for capturing potential evidence packs.

TAIS PCN Issuing App

  • With the TAIS Application you can issue notices from a smart phone using enforcement data captured by TES Cars and Bikes in spotter mode, or manually process any contravention.
  • The TAIS App was part funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union.

TES Permits

  • TES Permit is a cloud based Virtual Permit System that can be used to provide any type of parking permit on line.
  • The system's process can be seen as animation at the link.

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