TES complete successful trial of Small Blue Generation 3 at the Rotherhithe Tunnel

Over the summer period TES were invited to test their Small Blue Generation 3 cameras at the two entrances of the Rotherhithe Tunnel in London for a three-month trial. The request came through TES channel partner Telent, who had been asked to propose an enforcement solution to tackle the problem of oversize vehicles entering the tunnel illegally posing a major health and safety risk to their client TfL.

The two Generation 3 series cameras employed advanced video analytics developed by TES enabling them to filter out vehicles such as cars that are not in contravention, significantly reducing the number of look ups required to confirm the vehicle type from authorised channels like the DVLA, and ensuring GDPR compliance by not storing the specific details of vehicles legitimately allowed to use the tunnel. With the TES cameras processing in excess of 20,000 vehicles a day, this would also significantly reduce the cost of enforcement by up to 95% compared to other alternative solutions on the market. 

When the trial initially started TES were only filtering out around 85% of all vehicles in transit, but with further advances to their video analytics and 100s of hours of R&D analytics, this has been improved to over 95% accuracy and with TES setting themselves  a goal of 98% accuracy of all vehicles using the tunnel clearly being classified into different categories this will save the end user hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money which normally would have been spent on looking up DVLA data.

Based on the evidence provided by the cameras, TfL now had visual as well as analytical information of the number of vehicles utilising the tunnels which resulted in them imposing the new restrictions of 2 x 2 x 2 (2 metres high, 2 tonnes and 2 metres wide) on the 17th September 2018 .

The quality of the evidence provided by the TES cameras directly led to Telent requesting a further extension of the trial for another month and the subsequent amendment of the Traffic Management Order by TfL banning all commercial vehicles from the tunnel.

One camera was also fitted with an Air Quality sensor allowing vehicle count and vehicle types to be correlated with pollution levels producing statistics available via TES CDM platform on an up to the minute basis if required.

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