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For today's world, there is an ever growing need for effective and efficient technology led solutions that assist organisations in carrying out their duties and where high quality mobile CCTV evidence and data is vital. TES offers a range of proven products which can be deployed to manage a wide variety of services. Typical uses of TES products are:

  • Managing and monitoring traffic flow.
  • Measuring compliance.
  • Community safety and anti-social behaviour monitoring.
  • Environmental crime enforcement.
  • Helping to maintain law & order.
  • Event and crowd monitoring.
  • Security monitoring.
  • Street and traffic surveys.
  • Asset tracking.

TES also offers a range of intelligent products and tools which are designed to support our clients in meeting these challenging requirements. Our clients look to TES for systems that others cannot match, and our high profile customer base is a testament to this fact.

TES GEN I to IV Vehicle

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